What students need – a guide

June 19, 2019 0 Comments

Of course, students need a fully functional brain to study. However, what students need is not an easy question, because you can set up the study quite comfortably to get ahead. Here are some tips on what students need – and what not.

What students need – the technical side

There are a lot of opinions about what students need, especially on the technical side. The one student writes classically in the lecture with pen on paper, the other, however, notes only takes digitally on his tablet and downloads the right scripts down to it. I too am such a student who does not want to miss his tablet at university anymore.

I always have all the scripts, documents and notes at hand, and that without the need to sort out heaps of paperwork. Anyway, I belong to the clientele who lose their papers, confused or lose everything on the upswing of the incoming S-Bahn, as if my documents were mere whirlwind leaves in the fall.

When it comes to the question of what students need, I clearly make the recommendation of a tablet. Once you get used to writing notes on the screen with a digitizer, you will not want to miss it anymore. Anyone who secures his data properly in a cloud or externally on a hard drive (or similar), also runs the risk of losing everything, just because the primary device is broken.

In addition, every student needs a smartphone to create lectures, to look up and to forward. Learning groups are nowadays organized with the app WhatsApp and it is tremendously convenient to be able to browse through the online lecture plan. Nowadays the university is also completely online, so the purchase of such a device is worthwhile.

What students need – the social side

Every student needs a homie. This is someone who can do exactly what you can not do. My homie, for example, organizes my timetable every semester, knows which bills I still need and which seminars suit me. I find it terrible to have to book timetables and I’m glad to have someone to help me with it. For that I help my homie with his relationship boxes. One hand washes the other.

  • In addition, students need a social network – people they can talk to about their area and where they can think outside the box with other opinions. This is crucial for personality development and should not be ignored. Therefore, students should regularly visit the student-run cafes.
  • These are my “must-haves” regarding the question of what students need. What do you think, what does a student need to study?

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