Label and quote illustrations in the bachelor thesis

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Illustrations are graphics, diagrams, schematics, photographs and the like. Ä. Designates. Illustrations in a bachelor thesis are there to supplement the content of the main part of the work and to make this more vivid, if possible. For images, it is particularly important that they are of a high graphic quality (eg, image and text size, color distinctness). That’s why you should forgo opportunities on scans, which are usually an opposite of it.

Images should never appear without a reference in the text. This means that there must always be an explanation of all illustrations in a bachelor thesis. However, this only applies to the images that appear in the main body of the work. Finally, it is also possible to insert further illustrations in the appendix to scientific papers.

This is particularly useful for empirical bachelor theses, for example, to discuss their own research results in more detail. When formatting illustrations, it goes without saying that a series of rules and guidelines must be heeded.

This is how movies and Youtube are quoted

Illustrations in a bachelor thesis – formal requirements
These four formal requirements are generally valid and should be considered in any scientific work with illustrations

Illustrations in a bachelor thesis must always be labeled with their own headline. These should be as concise and precise as possible and accurately describe the content of each image. Incidentally, the title of the figure does not appear above, but below the figure. The headline and source are i. D. R. left-aligned below the figure in size 10. Before and after the image should be a two-line distance to the text.

In addition, references to images in a bachelor thesis may not be missing if these pictures have been taken over by other authors. For images that the author has created himself, the figure is quoted with “own representation”. Incidentally, the same principle also applies to tables.
In addition, illustrations in a bachelor thesis must be numbered consecutively throughout the entire work. Tables and figures are numbered separately.

In addition, there should be a list of figures in which the headings of all pictures appear. The headings of the illustrations appearing in the text should also be included in the list of figures in the same wording. The list of figures, which is placed in the front part of the bachelor thesis (usually just after the list of abbreviations), shows the headline of the figure and the corresponding page number.

Quote pictures – that’s the source

When quoting illustrations in scholarly works, care should be taken to label pictures that have been more or less modified by the author of the bachelor thesis. It is essential to follow these guidelines in order to fulfill the criterion of correct scientific work also with regard to the illustrations in your own bachelor thesis:

Quote 1: 1 taken over picture
For an image that has been taken completely from another source, the figure should be cited as follows:

Cite modified illustrations

In the case of a modified source, on the other hand, the addition “based on” must appear immediately before the source is specified. Thus, the author makes it clear that he has changed the image of another author in certain areas.

Quote your own picture
Illustrations in scientific papers produced by the student should be quoted as follows:

Mapping or presentation directory in a bachelor thesis

As already mentioned, all illustrations are to be listed in a so-called list of figures. However, there is also an alternative option to a classical list of figures. If the author has decided to designate all illustrations and tables as representations, these are listed in a common display directory.

The tables and illustrations in scientific papers are numbered consecutively in this case. If, however, there is a separate mapping and table directory in Word, these representations must be numbered consecutively and separately.

Especially when the author uses only a few illustrations and tables in his homework, bachelor thesis or master thesis in total, the use of a presentation directory can certainly offer. The list of figures follows directly after the table of contents.

In the directory, first the number of the figure, then the title, as it appears in the work, and then the page number, on which the respective figure can be found in the main part of the work, is given. For a display directory, the same procedure is followed.

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