Can the diploma thesis be credited as a master thesis?

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You have already successfully completed a diploma program and would now like to start a master’s program at another university and you are wondering whether the thesis as a master’s thesis is credited to you? You are not alone, because many of our customers have the same problem. There is no universal answer to this question, since sometimes the university counts the thesis as a master thesis. It is usually a thicket from the charter of the university and the goodwill of the responsible persons.

Diploma Thesis as admission requirement for the master program

As a rule, the diploma thesis is regarded as admission requirement for the master program. In the statutes of the universities, achievements from the bachelor’s program as well as from the university of applied sciences are not counted towards the master’s program, since these are only considered prerequisites for the master’s program.

A successfully completed master’s degree generally allows up to 60 ECTS credits. On the other hand, up to 60 ECTS credits can be credited to the diploma course, but this only applies to modules and the seminar, including the Master’s thesis. The main subjects of a study program can not be counted in most cases.

Can the diploma thesis be considered a master thesis?

If you refer to the length of the work, the diploma thesis of the master’s thesis is in no way inferior. However, this must be determined individually, whether the thesis as a master’s thesis meets the formal requirements. In general, universities value higher education achieved at universities than at universities of applied sciences.

Therefore, benefits from a degree course of a university rather than from a study course of a university are credited. Furthermore, it must be considered that the diploma thesis must have been written at a state-recognized university of applied sciences.

In summary, it can be said that the diploma thesis can only be credited as a master thesis to a limited extent (if at all). This is partly unfounded as the level of good FH performance is higher than in poor universities. The devaluation of the universities of applied sciences on the part of the universities is also due to the fact that they want to make it more difficult for FH graduates to take the doctoral degree.

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