Bachelor thesis with added value

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We have already warned you several times that your scientific topic should be of interest to you, otherwise it will be a torment. Often, unfortunately, many students opt for a literary work that has a reproductive form. As a result, many students feel unmotivated.

You may not have much choice in term papers or term papers, but you can be a bit more creative in your bachelor thesis. As an example, today we took a bachelor thesis with added value from Lena Wiedemann, who specializes in nutrition science.

Bachelor thesis about breakfast habits

As part of her thesis in July 2015, the Bachelor student interviewed over 360 Stuttgart elementary school children (third grade students) about their breakfast habits. From the nutritional study, the following emerged:

Around 80 percent of the third-year students surveyed eat breakfast at home every day before going to school
5 percent of young respondents admitted they were eating breakfast on the way
The remaining 15 percent of third-grade students do not eat breakfast at all
And what do the children eat most often for breakfast?

Well over half have breakfast sandwiches (usually with sweet spread)
40 percent of the breakfast eaters surveyed prefers muesli
30 percent of children consume fruit or vegetables
The non-breakfast children have also given reasons why they will not eat tomorrow:

  • Over 50 percent of non-breakfast people say they are not hungry in the morning
  • The second half of the non-breakfast people say they have no time, no family member eats breakfast, no breakfast at home
  • Avoiding morning meals has serious consequences: children are unable to concentrate in class and their performance drops. Moreover, non-breakfast adults are more likely to have obesity problems than breakfast eaters.

Bachelor thesis with added value

The nutritional study by Lena Wiedemann was presented for the tenth anniversary of the school action “healthy break” in the elementary school Gaisburg. Over the course of ten years of activity, more than 200,000 boxes of canned food were distributed to the students so that they could fill their parents with a healthy breakfast every day.

Business And Science congratulates the student for her bachelor thesis, which is clearly socially relevant.

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